June 2, 2020

Technology Policy Updates: Surveillance, China, Section 230,

@MorningCybersec: House charts path on surveillance legislation https://t.co/YzLcUc3Tfa[…]

@verge: YouTube confirms it’s accidentally been deleting comments containing two phrases that insult China’s Communist Party https://t.co/hPdu6O4L96 https://t.co/TwqkFK7ymH[…]

@IndoPac_Info: #YouTube Deletes Comments Critical of #China’s Communist Party Deletions due to a software flaw, the company said. https://t.co/64PO8zQfgZ[…]

@revmahoney: HK's demand for VPNs surges on heels of China’s plan for national security laws. We must pray and work to ensure HK protesters have access to the internet! #HongKongNeedsHelp @Stand_with_HK @FreedomHKG @hk_watch @SolomonYue @hkdc_us @HongKongFP #HongKOng https://t.co/iCsXMHLx6s[…]

May 29, 2020

Current Section 230 Developments

There are a lot of angles one can take on President Trump's recent executive order. There’s a lot of • backstory and context, • what the order itself does and doesn’t do, and • how it sets the stage going forward.

Section 230 made user-generated content on the internet possible. Originally this wasn’t guaranteed, but without that protection, the internet and social media as we know it today would not exist.

As the internet has matured, and at the same time become more immature, there are some additional dynamics beyond just the legal immunity for the hosting providers that don’t generate the original content they hold. They also have the option to remove said original content that they didn’t generate. That suppresses some voices, and leaves others more heard than those removed. Those removal decisions are based on worldviews and understandings of various ideas. What may seem to be based on objective neutral principle to one person, may be very loaded, one-sided, and biased to another. That can cut both ways. It’s the crux of the present issue.

The iOS bug Twitter has had for years

Dear Twitter,

I've tried to report this bug before, and it still persists.

Perhaps it would help to start at the beginning with the basics.

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