June 11, 2018

Blogger needs a schedule queuing feature

Dear Google,

Can you make it easier to schedule posts in Blogger?

First of all, thank you for making it possible to schedule posts. That was not a feature with the original version, so thank you for adding that.

I think it was Tumblr that made it very easy to add things to a queue instead of always posting something right away.

If Blogger had a way to do that, I would schedule a lot of daily posts that way. I may still do so without it, but this would save several steps, and perhaps eventually keeping track of how far ahead my posting gets.

Perhaps adding a setting of when and how often would also be in order. I'd be happy with a simple daily option, and a setting for when to post it. I'd probably use 6 a.m. or 9 a.m. a lot, and maybe 12 p.m. when my intended audience is on the west coast.

Thank you,
14,979 days

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