June 30, 2020

Technology Policy Updates

EARN IT Act vs. Section 230

#Section230 comments from Senator @MarshaBlackburn on the @SenateFloor, from the #CongressionalRecord: https://t.co/DwtgOevsXZ https://t.co/LgHSyH47fn[…]

Apple's developer dispute draws lawmaker scrutiny of App Store

@2Aupdates: "A Carmel woman who was held in contempt when she refused to unlock her smartphone for police during a criminal investigation is protected by the U.S. Constitution, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled Tuesday..." https://t.co/CzNOqTR5dP[…]

"Lawful access" = #encryption must be breakable Interesting that it takes a law for this to become "lawful." https://t.co/EHly9xD65e[…]

A House divided on disinformation and political speech
Tech industry takes on terrorism

June 23, 2020

Technology Policy Updates

@NCSCgov: Russian disinformation operation relied on forgeries, fake posts on 300 platforms, new report says https://t.co/HmvCpInIpc[…]

@Techmeme: Sen. Josh Hawley announces a bill targeting Section 230, letting consumers sue platforms with 30M+ US MAUs over alleged censorship of political speech and more (@margarethmcgill / Axios) https://t.co/MmSFMBShso https://t.co/B0TjSoPP5M[…]

@TheJusticeDept: Justice Department Issues Recommendations for Section 230 Reform https://t.co/GM5D28usXR[…]

@Techmeme: DOJ proposes Congress adopt new legislation adding conditions to Section 230 protections, opening up Facebook, Google, Twitter, others to additional liability (@margarethmcgill / Axios) https://t.co/Wom0SDCZ7K https://t.co/S19DX8irWn[…]

@InternetAssn: IA's statement on recently introduced legislation that would amend #Section230: https://t.co/GuGBpJY6t3[…]

@verge: Justice Department asks Congress for a sharp cut to websites’ legal protections https://t.co/dveQ16j9x8 https://t.co/mtDA4k0wtk[…]

June 16, 2020

Technology Policy Updates: social media, thermal imaging, China, Section 230, privacy, police reform, facial recognition, behavioral advertising

@SenJohnThune: It’s easy to lose faith in the productiveness of social media dialogue when you see examples like this. @SenatorTimScott is one of the most thoughtful people I know. I’m glad he’s leading the @SenateGOP charge to improve policing in this country and proud to call him a colleague. https://t.co/OdT1Bbjji9[…]

@MarshaBlackburn: China is waging a sophisticated online propaganda and deception campaign to challenge American leadership. Beijing has created hundreds of thousands of fake @Twitter accounts to amplify its megaphone for Communist propaganda. https://t.co/94eGcxs5on[…]

@futureofprivacy: “It would pressure individuals with relatively higher body temperatures to disclose... their personal health information that might be unrelated to #COVID19," FPF's @rvaneijk discusses the #privacy impacts of thermal camera #tech in this @bloomberg article: https://t.co/3L8PDtYjUV https://t.co/Z6cHCLudKA[…]

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